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The University of Canberra

Alleged Racism
In 2010 Bradley was invited by the Director Human Resources, to undertake an investigation against an academic staff member due to a complaint made by fellow colleagues within the Faculty. The investigation related to alleged racism. Bradley interviewed a range of staff members directly involved and the alleged victims. These interviews were undertaken with both senior academics and general staff members. The staff member being investigated was an academic of high domestic and international standing and held a senior position in the NTEU. Bradley found that there were prima facie breaches made by the staff member related to: his contract of employment, breaches of university policy, industrial instruments, and a range of statutes and common law implied duties. 

Charles Sturt University

Misuse of resources and pornography
In 2006 Bradley was invited by the then Vice-Chancellor of Charles Sturt University Professor Ian Goulter to undertake an investigation into misuse of resources (technology) and pornography. The investigation was across two campuses of the University, the staff member was represented by the CPSU. In this matter university governance was a central feature. Interviews were undertaken with Senior Executives and General Staff, approximately half a dozen staff were interviewed. It was a complex investigation, which took approximately 74 hours to complete. It was found that there were breaches of university policy and industrial instruments. The matter was successfully defended in court as a result of the evidence arising out of Bradley’s Report. 

The Australian National University

Workplace bullying, victimization, bullying, harassment, assault, false imprisonment, misuse of modes of communication

Between 2004 and 2009 Bradley undertook a number of investigations for the ANU. Whilst working concurrently with the ANU’s injury prevention unit, one of the investigations related to why a staff member was off work and made a workers compensation claim. It was apparent when interviewing the staff member and then following up on other leads (e.g. interviewing other staff) that she was a victim of a serial bully. Bradley interviewed a number of staff that had worked with the alleged perpetrator over the years and similar fact evidence emerged of his pattern of behaviour. The alleged perpetrator was represented by the NTEU. The allegations included matters of breach of contract, breaches of university policy, code of conduct, breaches of industrial instruments and breaches of laws ranging from discrimination to conduct that boarded on criminality. Arising out of the interviews and gathering of evidence Bradley produced a range of documents. These documents were provided to the alleged perpetrator for his response at a follow up meeting. At the next meeting the alleged perpetrator chose to resign as he was in an indefensible position.


Moray and Agnew

Christmas party unwanted advances

In 2001, a client engaged Bradley’s services to investigate an incident arising out of a Christmas Party that the client’s company put on, and a series of events that followed. The alleged perpetrator had taken a liking to a female colleague and made a number of unwanted advances on the night of the Christmas Party towards her. The alleged victim didn’t think much of it at the time however subsequently there were a number of other unwanted advances made within the workplace. There were also issues with respect to the alleged perpetrator’s conduct towards other staff. Bradley working with a Senior Manager within the Company gathering evidence and building a case. The allegations were prepared and put to the alleged perpetrator. After the allegations were supplied to the alleged perpetrator he maintained his innocence. Follow-up interviews took place arising out of the reply to the allegations and further evidence was produced. The further evidence was provided to the alleged perpetrator however on this occasion, arising out of his reply his services were terminated. No proceedings commenced against the company due to the soundness of the case presented to the alleged perpetrator.

The University of Sydney

Between the years 1995 and 2001, at the University of Sydney Bradley undertook an investigation at the then School of Pharmacy (now the Faculty). This investigation was initiated by the then Head of School (later Dean) Professor Iqbal Ramzan. The School was proactive in raising substantial money through a number of means; bequeaths, donations, events and functions. It became apparent that although the accounts balanced questions arose as to the legitimacy of the information. As a consequence Bradley invited the internal audit office to assist in his investigation and after interviewing a number of staff it became apparent that either embezzlement or fraudulent misappropriation of funds was taking place. During the course of the investigation Bradley identified a person of interest. After drafting a range of allegations with evidence produced during the investigation, these were put to the person of interest and arising out of prolonged probing the staff member admitted their misconduct. The staff member was immediately advised that under s 316 of the Crimes Act that the matter would also be reported to police. The staff member’s employment was terminated and the NSW Police commenced criminal proceedings. This was one of many investigations Bradley was involved in at the University of Sydney that were also reported to the Independent Commission Against Corruption.
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