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  1. Provide accessible legal services in the pursuit or defence of legal rights for individuals and organisations (Client’s).
  2. Ensure Client’s subject to the legal system are treated with respect and dignity so they know they are not alone. This will be achieved by providing relevant referrals to other organisations, health providers and agencies.
  3. Assist the Client decision making process by providing accurate and informed information, so Client’s understand their legal rights to make informed decisions for the resolution of their legal matters.
  4. Provide legal education to develop an understanding of the law and the legal systems through seminars, presentations, printed materials, on-line links and with other relevant organisations, providers and agencies.
  5. Engage in community participation of law reform, activities and projects, approaching legal problems from: wider social needs, client’s point of view and that of practitioner’s experiences.
  6. To advocate for, and participate in the process of legal and social changes that redress injustices and inequities in the law and society.
  7. Through participation of professional and other bodies seek positive changes to: legal structures and the law that is not intended to prejudice or marginalise legal rights unfairly for profit and/or political gain.
  8. Participating and maintaining active links with the community organisations and legal service providers.
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