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Bradley Beasley, Principal

Since the mid 1980ís Bradley has been dealing with Industrial, Employee and Workplace Relations as a union official and as a representative of the Labor Council of NSW, Building Trades Group of Unions.

Bradley studied law whilst working for the University of Sydney as their Senior Industrial Relations Officer.

Bradley undertook his Legal Clerkship with Geoffrey Edwards & Co, a plaintiff litigation firm.

Since admitted as a legal practitioner Bradley:
Undertook pro bono work for the UTS Community Law and Legal Research Centre.
Worked at Moray & Agnew Solicitors undertaking both plaintiff and defendant matters.
Worked for the Association of Professional Engineers Scientists, and Managers Australia a professional organisation representing their professional memberís legal interest.
From 2004 worked for the Australian National University. Whilst at the ANU he also undertook work for ANU Enterprise Pty Limited, the Heritage Childhood Centre Inc and the University Preschool and Child Care Centre Inc creating an income stream for the ANU
In 2009 took out his unrestricted practicing certificate and later established Beasley Legal.
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