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Bradley was responsible for a number State and some Federal awards when working for APESMA.


Bradley was on the Industrial Relations Committee of the Group of Eight Universities (the Go8). As Go8 Universities are not members of the The Australian Higher Education Industrial Association each Go8 University is responsible for their own awards and industrial matters. Go8 Universities join together for sector wide issues and make joint submissions for Hearings, including test cases.


As the Australian National University (ANU) representative Bradley was responsible for ANUís Enterprise Awards and involved in sector wide Awards prior to Work Choices.


Under the Fair Work Act Bradley was responsible for the ANU input for the Go8 submission for the sectors Modern Awards.

Pre Work Choices

Australian National University Employees (General Conditions of Employment) Award 2005;
Australian National University Staff (Specific Conditions and Salaries) Award 2004;
Australian National University Maintenance Staff (Specific Conditions and Salaries) Award 2004;
A.N.U. Administrative, Managerial and Executive Staff (Specific Conditions and Salaries) Award 2004;
AMWU - A.N.U. Printing Staff (Specific Conditions and Salaries) Award 2004;
AMWU - A.N.U. Technical Staff (Specific Conditions and Salaries) Award 2004;
LHMU - A.N.U. Hospitality (Specific Conditions and Salaries) Award 2004;
LHMU - A.N.U. Cleaners, Security Officers, Etc. (Specific Conditions and Salaries) Award 2004;
AWU - A.N.U. Gardeners etc (Specific Conditions and Salaries) Award 2003;
Transport Workers - A.N.U. (Specific Conditions and Salaries) Award 1982;
Australian National University Engine Drivers, etc. (Specific Conditions and Salaries) Award 1981;

Sector Wide

Higher Education Academic Staff Core Conditions of Employment Award 2005;
Higher Education Academic Salaries Award 2002;
Higher Education General Staff Salaries and Classifications Award 2002;
National Training Wage Award 2000;
Universities and Post Compulsory Academic Conditions Award 1999;
Higher Education Contract of Employment Award 1998;
Teachers (English Language Centres of Australian Universities) Conditions of Employment Award 1998;
Higher Education General and Salaried Staff (Interim) Award 1989 (HEGSS);
Tertiary Education Superannuation Scheme - Superannuation Award 1988;
Entertainment and Broadcasting - Live Theatre and Concert Award 1998
Entertainment and Broadcasting Industry - Theatre Manager's - Live Theatre Award 1998

The Fair Work Act

Higher Education Industry-Academic Staff-Award 2010
Higher Education Industry-General Staff-Award 2010
Educational Service (Post-Secondary Education) - Award 2010
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